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View the entire list of bills we are tracking for you.

Create your own priority list by selecting priority "yes" next to each bill you'd wish to add to your own sub-list.

Email tracking – determine the frequency with which you’d like to receive bill history updates and select specific bills or all bills for those email alerts.

Add your own personal notes for specific bills.

Make sure you hit submit after you make any changes!

Bill Activity for Yesterday’s Date:

This section of the home page will show you any bills that received action the previous day and what that action was – you can hover over the bill number to see the title of the bill.

Bill Report Generator:

Bill Options – select ONE of the following:

1. All bills – view all of the bills that Robinson & Cole is tracking for your organization.
2. Active bills – view only those bills that are still active (i.e. removes all dead bills).
3. Priority bills – view your personal list of priority bills.
4. New bills – enter a date and view bills that have been introduced since that date.
5. Updated bills – enter a date and view bills that have received any action since that date.
6. New and updated bills – enter a date and view any bills that have been introduced AND have received action since that date.
7. Specific bill – select any specific bill you wish to view.

Bill Stage – select ONE of the following:

1. Any – view all bills.
2. Passed Committee – view only bills that have passed through at least one committee.
3. Passed House – view only bills that have passed the House.
4. Passed Senate – view only bills that have passed the Senate.
5. Passed House and Senate – view only bills that have passed both chambers.
6. Approved / Enacted – view only bills that have come out in public act form.
7. Vetoed – view only bills that have been vetoed by the Governor.
8. Died / Killed – view only bills that have died or been killed.

Display Options – select one or more of the following:

1. Search criteria – display the criteria you have chosen on your report.
2. Bill Number – display the bill number – provides link to state’s webpage for that bill including links to all versions of the bill.
3. Statement of Purpose – display the statement of purpose (or short description of bill) for the 2004 session.
4. Session – display the session year.
5. Progress – display progress boxes (passed committee, passed House, passed Senate, approved/enacted, vetoed, died/killed).
6. History – display entire bill history.
7. GRG notes – display notes by Robinson & Cole lobbyists.
8. Personal Notes – display your personal notes.


Select the session year from which you would like to obtain bill data.


Select the format in which you would like to view your report. You may choose HTML, Word or Excel and you may chose grid for any of those formats.

1. HTML – can be viewed as list or, by clicking on grid as well, as a chart.
2. Excel - the document can be manipulated like any other spreadsheet document – this may be particularly helpful when you wish to save various editions of the data by date, if you want to email the information around internally at your organization or if you want to add other fields or change the size of the fields.
3. Word - When viewing in Word you will note that the document is very slow – unfortunately this is a function of Word and we would suggest that you use this format only for printing and not for fast viewing.
4. Grid – can be selected for HTML, Word or Excel to view data in chart format.

Sort Order:

1. Bill Number – view in numerical order by bill number.
2. First Action – view in chronological order by first legislative action.
3. Last Action – view in chronological order by last legislative action.

Keyword Search:

Enter any key word that you wish to search for – the system will create a list of bills if that word appears on the webpage for that bill on the State’s website (i.e. the home page for that bill). This includes bill number, title, statement of purpose, bill history, introducer, committee, public hearing date, and bill sponsor.


Click here to submit your report request.


Click here to reset your criteria and reenter your search and display criteria.

Save profile:

Click here to save your format and display criteria. The next time you create a report, it will be generated under these criteria.

Message Board:

Post a message by clicking on the small post-it – enter the subject of the posting and then enter your message and hit submit. An email will be sent to all participants (see participants listing) with the subject of the posting.
All postings will be listed by date and subject – respond to any posting by clicking on that specific posting and clicking reply. Your reply will now be listed - no email will be sent notifying participants of this reply.


Lists all individuals and their contact information if they provide it, who have access to the message board.

Log out:

Click here to log off of the system.


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